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Management: Supervisor Certification

Management: Supervisor Certification - Online Series

     The UTS Supervisor Certification has been designed especially for personnel preparing for - or already in - supervisory positions. The 3-course training program focuses on the development of management skills and effective management practice and is appropriate for individuals responsible for personnel and/or project supervision in the office or in the field. Students learn the roles and responsibilities of middle management and also learn techniques to ensure smooth transitions from co-worker to supervisor. Strong emphasis is placed on effective communication, and the development of personal, interpersonal and group skills. Specific areas of skill development include conflict management, team building, time management, workload delegation, employee development and performance assessment, and positive change leadership.

The complete Supervisor Certification 3-course series is offered online, allowing schedule flexibility, yet still providing students with an interactive and participatory learning environment through skills assessment projects and instructor-facilitated guidance and feedback. All materials and supplies needed for each class are provided.

Program Certification Requirements

UTS’s Supervisor Certification requires successful completion of 63 hours of instruction – consisting of three online course modules. Session 1: Personal Skills is a prerequisite for, both, Session 2: Interpersonal Skills and Session 3: Group Skills. However, Sessions 2 and 3 may be taken in any order.
Students will receive a certificate of successful completion after passing each course. Upon successful completion of all 3 courses in the series, individuals will also be awarded a UTS Supervisor Certification Diploma.

Required Courses - (course details)                                                                                 REGISTER for a Class

Course 622: Management: Supervisor - Session 1: Personal Skills
                        21 hours (Online Course Access - 3 weeks)
Course 623: Management: Supervisor - Session 2: Interpersonal Skills                21 hours (Online Course Access - 3 weeks)
Course 624: Management: Supervisor - Session 3: Group Skills                             21 hours (Online Course Access - 3 weeks)