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Power Line Design & Staking Certification

Power Line Design & Staking Certification

UTS's Power Line Design and Staking Certification program was one of the first of its kind in the industry and continues to lead the way as a model training plan for electric utility Field Technicians or Stakers. 

The multi-tiered program focuses on guiding students through the understanding and application of engineering design for electric distribution systems. New line designers will leave each course with the strong foundation necessary to move forward in a career in line design, while experienced designers gain the confidence of knowing how to prove their decisions on paper. Engineering concepts and formulas specific to power line design and relevant to the Field Technician’s responsibilities are taught and enable participants to utilize the knowledge and skills gained for immediate on-the-job benefit. This comprehensive certification program verifies proficiency at each level and provides a roadmap for lifelong learning for electric utility engineering and technical personnel.  

he Power Line Design & Staking Certification Program provides the essential tools necessary for engineering and line design personnel to become experts in their field and advance in the utility industry. Many courses in the program are appropriate and relevant for engineering, operations and management personnel.   

Certification Requirements

UTS’s Power Line Design & Staking (PLDS) Certification requires successful completion of 84 hours of instruction – consisting of four Core classes (21 hours each), with demonstrated proficiency in each class. 

tudents will receive a certificate of successful completion after passing each course. Upon successful completion of all courses in the series, individuals will also receive a certification diploma and “UTS Power Line Design & Staking - Certified Professional” logo wear.   

Required Courses - (course details)                                                                                     REGISTER for a Class

Course 101: Power Line Design & Staking, Level 1 – 21 hours (3.5 days)
Course 201: Power Line Design & Staking, Level 2 – 21 hours (3.5 days)
Course 301: Power Line Design & Staking, Level 3 – 21 hours (3.5 days)
Course 401: Power Line Design & Staking, Level 4 – 21 hours (3.5 days)