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Customer Service Certification

Customer Service Certification

The UTS Customer Service Certification is appropriate for any utility employee who interacts daily with customers and/or serves as first-tier customer support anywhere in the utility.

Day one of the program includes an overview of the electric power system and provides a review of the different types and functions of electric utilities. Students are taught how understanding their utility’s purpose and goals and knowing their communities and clients are all critical to providing quality customer service. The remainder of training is spent focused on customer service related roles and responsibilities and skill-building. Students learn the specific skills they will need in order to provide the excellent quality of customer service required for their positions. Topics and skill areas covered in this program include workplace professionalism, basic communication skills, phone and email etiquette,
problem-solving and client support, written communication skills and the customer service “sales” role in electric utilities. 

Program Certification Requirements

UTS’s Customer Service Certification requires successful completion of 21 hours of instruction – consisting of three 1-day modules which may be taught as stand-alone seminars or may be taught on consecutive days and certification completed in less
than a week.

Students will receive a certificate of successful completion after passing each course.
Upon successful completion of all courses in the series, individuals will also receive a UTS Customer Service Certification Diploma.

Required Courses - (course details)                                                                                             REGISTER for a Class

Course 601: Introduction to Power Systems & Electric Utilities
          7 hours (1 day)

Course 612: Customer Service – Session 2      
                                 7 hours (1 day)
“Workplace Professionalism, Phone & Email Etiquette”

Course 613: Customer Service – Session 3                                     7 hours (1 day)
“Problem Solving & Written Communication”

To keep certification current, individuals should try to take at least one professional course or seminar each year.
Check out UTS’s new online courses in 2013 for options!